Lux Moto Rentals is your number one choice for Scooter Rentals in Wynwood, which is small district in the city of Miami.  When looking to take a Scooter rental in Miami, you can a full day from 8am – 7pm or take the bikes for a full 24 hours.  We also have weekly and monthly scooter rentals for your convenience.

Included in the cost of a standard scooter rental is the scooter and a DOT certified helmet.  Fees for tolls on Miami’s Venetian Causeway are an additional $5.  In order to obtain a scooter rental at our Miami location, you must have a valid drivers license from your state or country of residence.  You must be at least 17 years of age and must have a valid credit card.  We accept cash and debit cards, but require a higher security deposit for your Miami scooter rental.

Our scooters are all maintained and upgraded for the best possible performance and experience.  We have brands like Baccio, Lance and Viper which you can read more about below.


Technical Specifications

90 Miles per Gallon
40 mph

Another fun scooter rental in Miami… The Baccio Scooter is safe for family fun. It comes with a 50cc engine and tops out at 40 mph. Here at Lux Moto Rentals, we have a ride for every scooter or motorcycle enthusiast in Miami. Whether you are looking to go on a trip with the family or just chill with the crew, we have the scooter rental in Miami that is right for you. The Baccio is a product of Scootertronics and Modcycles coming together. It is one of the best 2 stroke scooters on the market.

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Technical Specifications

117 Miles per Gallon
35 mph

The Havana is a classic and comes in an amazing cream color. Paying homage to Little Havana and the nation of Cuba. This bike runs at 50 cc and tops out at 35 mph. It is perfect for inner-city commuting and can zip from side-to-side at even the slightest of a thought. It’s aerodynamics give just the right mix of agility and stability.

It is equipped with a ceramic coated cylinder which is a high-tech product. It applies a special process that disperses SiC particles along the cylinder wall. The cylinder guarantees amazing performance while maintaining max protect of the environment. It’s great for not just stop-and-go city traffic, but also smooth flows of sweet suburban streets.

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Technical Specifications

117 Miles per Gallon
35 mph

The Lance Cali is a similar ride to the Havana Classic, but in Cali style.  If you enjoyed this ride and are thinking about buying any of our scooters, you can do so at our online store.  We also recently had a write up done on hipeGALAXY awarding us as the best motorcycle rental and repair shop in all of Miami.

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